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For a child, play is as vital to growth as basic nutrition. While at play, learning gradually unfolds. The famous psychologist, Carl G Jung says, ”The creative mind plays with the objects it loves”. Likewise, eating too forms a part of the child’s play. He first plays with it and puts it in his mouth only when his inquisitiveness is answered.

The playing child grows forward to new stages of mastery. The whole process of growing up involves a multilevel series of discovery and adaptations. Each child responds differently to various stimuli and adapts accordingly.

In today's world of competition, this process of learning has been bulldozed over by structured schooling and rigid education system. As a result fun of discovery has been replaced by rote learning.

Our aim is to stimulate the children's natural inquisitive instincts into adapting to new things. At Joyful Hours we strive to help children to discover and in the process, learn new things.

Joyful Hours is a unique initiative to strengthen the foundation of future citizens of tomorrow. However, the institution emphasizes on upkeeping the essence of childhood through fun-n- play.

Besides, the unique playful learning process, exclusive Daycare program is also offered to help the endeavour of working parents. Wherein the children from 8months to 10 years of age are offered best in class stay-back facilities. An on demand homework facility is also provided. Every need is taken care of until parents come to pick-up. Safety is the prime priority here.


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